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Mindfulness Training Australia is known for increasing the profitability and performance of large professional service organisations through mindfulness-based training for executives and their teams.

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At Mindfulness Training Australia we are passionate about making a difference. We have found that providing entertaining training experiences is not enough. Establishing meaningful behaviour change is our real concern. Sometimes this requires cultural transformation on behalf of the organisation. It certainly always requires personal transformation on behalf of our participants. So this is our interest. If this aligns with your goals and training aspirations then please let us know. Book a discovery session and lets see if we can offer you what you are seeking.


1 in 4

professional staff have a mental
health issue in any
one year


of employee performance problems are the
result of strained relationships rather than a
lack of skill or motivation

35% to 45%

of absenteeism from
work is due to mental
health problems

How much is untreated mental health issues costing your business?






Managing difficult relationships


Mindful listening skills


Interpersonal-mindfulness theory


Managing conflict


Responses above indicate the percentage of participants who ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that they had learnt skills in these areas when assessed part way through and at the end of training.

Participants in our Mindfulness & EQ program have demonstrated significant reductions in depression, anxiety and stress as a result of our training. In a recent (2016) example, 41 university staff members attended 2.5 days of training over 8 weeks. The calculated ROI was well in excess of 1:2.3 ratio cited by PwC (2014) as the standard for effective workplace interventions. An important feature of the program is that staff had access to an online-mindfulness portal, which likely contributed to these results in an important way.

To book a discovery session
Executives Program

3 & 12 Month Coaching Solutions
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2.5 hours per month commitment

Enterprise Program

Online, In-person, hybrid
Tailored. Focused. Effective
Increases self-responsibility and behaviour change
Teaches core skills in mental health and EQ


More Mindful staff are

More focused
Have fewer psychological symptoms
Higher in interpersonal empathy
Less defensive


clinically proven

training metrics

online, in-person, hybrid

We are specialists in Mindfulness. We apply this in the contexts of leadership, enhancing EQ, driving innovation and for facilitating cultural transformation. One of the main differences you will find with us  is that we support our training with exceptional online resources. Typically, it is not enough to attend a single mindfulness workshop. Regardless of how great the information, it’s unlikely to lead to meaningful behaviour change.  Participants need ongoing engagement with training concepts and resources. It is the only way in our experience to get the kind of outcomes that we are able to achieve.

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Recently the team at Philips Family Law were fortunate to undertake training with Cameron about the mindful way through stress to help us promote real-time stress reduction and better decision making. Cameron's visit to our office came at a time when many of out team were particularly stressed and busy. Yet within minutes of learning his "4-Breaths" technique, there was a renewed sense of calm around the office. Cameron's presentation style was engaging and easy to absorb.

Fiona CaulleyAccredited Family Law Specialist, Philips Family Law, Vice President Family Law Practitioners Association Qld

Mindfulness Training Australia provide an extensive suite of services for professionals, including mindful leadership and executive coaching services which are of the highest standards. I have observed clear, distinct and invaluable transformations for myself and executives I have recommended across a diverse professional setting. In particular, Cameron Aggs has a way to getting through the core of any issue. His approach produces real and lasting change that translates into increased productivity and more personal effectiveness.

Shameelta PratapGeneral Manager - Human Resources & Corporate Services at EIC Activities

I have been accessing Cameron's executive coaching and leadership development services over the past 6 months. It is a joy and an education to work with him. He is an extremely perceptive coach and is incredibly well versed in the psychological and interpersonal aspects of leadership. I recommend him to everyone wishing to focus on EQ, sustaining wellness and interpersonal effectiveness in their role

Tracey DukeIntegrated Service Manager at BlueCare


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Please feel free to send us an any enquiry regarding your interest in Mindfulness & EQ. Reach out, we would be happy to hear from you!


Discovery Session

In this 90-minute session we will:

  • Begin quantifying with you the nature and scope of your challenges.
  • Clarify your vision for successful training.
  • Enhance your understanding of how precisely effective Mindfulness & EQ training can be used to foster more productive and profitable working environments.
  • Clear feedback on whether we think we are a good fit for you.
  • Provide a logical next step and an efficient process for moving forward.

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