Mindfulness Training Australia

Mindfulness Training Australia (MTA) began as a series of courses delivered to clinicians in 2007-2008. The purpose of these courses was to see if mindfulness could be taught to psychotherapists in clinical practice. The answer was yes. Mindfulness is a skill that therapists can learn. As part of this process, a key challenge for us has been to break mindfulness theory and practice into bite-size chunks that people can understand and relate to. Since 2007, we have conducted mindfulness courses for the general public, in commercial settings, in schools, to rural and regional GPs, and to community-based health staff. Our mission is to make mindfulness training and resources available to interested parties for the purposes of enhancing skill development and psychological wellbeing.

Cameron Aggs

Cameron Aggs is the CEO at Mindfulness Training Australia. He holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and has facilitated more than 200 professional Mindfulness training and psychology programs in Australia and internationally. Most recently he delivered a series of Mindfulness and Self-Care workshops to the Belfast Health Trust in Ireland. For the last 3-years he has been engaged with the ‘APS Institute’ traveling to each of our capital cities teaching on the subject of mindfulness-informed psychotherapy.

In addition to his training and private practice work, Cameron is an internationally published author with Taylor & Francis (U.K). His 8-week Mindfulness-Informed Therapy (MiT) course, is one amongst a small number of Mindfulness-based training programs world that have been designed specifically for clinicians to be peer-reviewed.  His training resources include the ‘Meditations for a Busy World’ CD and the ‘Stress-buster’ Android Phone App.

James Donald

James-Donald-150x150James is an experienced facilitator and mindfulness trainer. Since 2007, he has delivered over 250 mindfulness workshops and seminars in the community sector. James has also worked with private and public sector organisations, including IBM, the ANU and the Commonwealth Government, running mindfulness programs to enhance staff well-being and performance.

James is currently undertaking a PhD at the Australian National University, Canberra. His research explores the impacts of mindfulness training on employee wellbeing and resilience. His research focuses on whether mindfulness skills facilitate more adaptive responses to workplace set-backs, such as customer complaints, negative performance appraisals or missed sales. James teaches management and leadership at the ANU. He also helps facilitate leadership training programs with Living Leadership Australia, a not-for profit training organisation.

Dr. Sophie Jayamaha

Sophie_150x150Dr. Sophie Jayamaha is a medical specialist in anaesthesia who has a special interest in Integrated Medicine. She also has studied Mindfulness and undertaken training in teaching Mindfulness. She is conducting research in the Medical School of the University of Queensland to explore Mindfulness as a therapeutic measure for chronic illnesses.

Dr. Sophie’s work is based on scientific evidence to show that the body becomes diseased when the autonomic imbalance caused by stress is not recognised and restored. Aim of her research and teaching is to prevent and improve serious medical conditions by training people to self-regulate their stress response. She is committed to improve people’s quality of life and longevity by enhancing their awareness about root causes of illness and ways to prevent them.

Mitch Lawrie

Mitch Lawrie M.Ed, CDAA. Mitch is a clinical hypnotherapist, career counsellor and positive psychology consultant. He is also an educator with over 20 years’ experience in development & delivery of personal, career, & team development programs in a variety of work settings. Past clients included the University of Qld, Brisbane City Council, Qld State Government, Jupiters Ltd, & Energex. Mitch draws on extensive life experience including employment within the business, community and government sectors, ten years working overseas including leading international services projects in five countries, and, more recently, the challenges of raising a daughter with a significant intellectual disability.

Dr. Nga Tran

Nga_headshot_031_1000px-150x150Dr. Nga Tran is a consultant with Mindfulness Training Australia. She graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Queensland. Nga gained Fellowship with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists in 2007.  Her area of special interest is in mindfulness and related therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to treat mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality problems, substance use problems and eating disorders. In her other roles Nga works as a consultant psychiatrist at a public community mental health service in Brisbane, and as a supervisor for psychiatry trainees.

Freya Combes

FreyaFreya is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist and consultant for Mindfulness Training Australia. Freya has a broad range of clinical experience including working as a Primary and High School Guidance Counsellor, Child Safety Officer (in child protection) and Youth Worker (in residential foster care). Freya has facilitated mindfulness training for psychologists, other allied health professionals and teachers. In her workshops, Freya draws on her experience in facilitating mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy groups for children, adolescents and parents in mental health settings. Her research into whole class mindfulness interventions in schools also lays a solid framework for understanding the theory, evidence base and challenges in the application of mindfulness interventions for children and adolescents.